Hamilton wants to be F1’s Picasso


Lewis Hamilton wants to become the Pablo Picasso or the Muhammad Ali of Formula 1 – the “greatest of all time.”

The three-time World Champion is determined to cement his place in Formula 1 history, up there with Juan Manuel Fangio and Ayrton Senna.

Acknowledging that he needs to up his game with every passing season, the Brit intends doing it like Picasso – on his own.

“I want to race for all the time needed to become the greatest of all time,” Hamilton told The Sun. “Like Muhammad Ali.

“If it will be five years, then they will be five years in which I’ll improve non-stop.

“On my ideal imaginary podium, it would be Juan Manuel Fangio and Senna. Then it will be me.

“But I want to achieve it on my own.

“You teach yourself. I don’t believe Picasso went to other painters asking for advice, right? He followed his own path.

“F1 isn’t like karate where you need a coach. In a racing car, the only rule is yourself.”