Haryanto’s path to Manor has been cleared


The Indonesian government has cleared Rio Haryanto's path into F1 after agreeing to cover any shortfall in his sponsorship.

Last December the Minister of Youth and Sport Imam Nahrawi revealed that Manor were willing to race the 23-year-old if he came up with a "payment of 15 Million Euros."

That money has now been secured thanks to the Indonesian government.

According to GPUpdate.net, Haryanto's sponsorship from state-owned oil and gas corporation Pertamina will bring in "5.2 million" euros with the government agreeing to cover the shortfall.

"Yes, it is clear now, that Rio does not have any obstacle to join Formula 1 after being provided financial support from the government and Pertamina," a government spokesperson said.

Last year Haryanto finished fourth in the GP2 Series with Campos Racing winning three races.