Hasegawa: Monaco suited for Mclaren


Honda chief Yusuke Hasegawa has hopes for McLaren at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, saying their car will be well suited for the Circuit de Monaco.

Because of their lack of power and speed this season, Hasegawa said that they were looking forward to the Monte Carlo track because of the characteristics it boasts.

He also added with drivers like Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, who have three World Championships between them, it will be wonderful to watch to see how they use their abilities to get the best out of the car on the track.

“The street circuit itself is a complex and technical circuit, albeit with low overall speed,” Hasegawa told ESPN.

“I believe that our car is rather suited to this type of circuit, so if we can squeeze out the full potential through good balance of the power unit and chassis, I think we have a chance to be competitive throughout the weekend.

“The narrow track and tight corners of this circuit will test any driver, but we have two world-class drivers with skill and experience, so I am looking forward to seeing what this weekend will bring for us.”