Hembery explains tyre deadline

Date published: December 10 2015

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said the decision to set a December 17 deadline for the selection of tyres for the 2016 Australian Grand Prix was necessitated by a new set of rules.

Under the new regulations competitors must tell the FIA which specifications of dry-weather tyres they wish to use for each of their drivers, no less than 14 weeks before the start of each Formula 1 event hosted outside of Europe.

The Australian Grand Prix would fall under that category.

"It's essentially due to shipping, and bear in mind each team can be different so the complexities can be much, much higher. That's the problem," Hembery told Autosport.

"When we were deciding we knew what we wanted, but now the complexities and production have changed and we have to do a campaign that is different compared to what we have done in the past," added the Pirelli director.

"For Australia, we would always have shipped early January to get the tyres there for March to avoid airfreight in any case.

"But now with the new rules, and the teams deciding, it means things have to be done that much earlier to give us time to produce," explained Hembery.