Hembery: One-stop, even non-stop


Such is the lack of degradation with Pirelli’s new-for-2017 tyres that Paul Hembery believes drivers would finish an entire grand prix on one set of rubber.

Although Pirelli tested their new wider tyres last season on cars that had been adapted to mimic this year’s regulations, it wasn’t until last week that they tested with the 2017 challengers.

The Italian tyre manufacturer covered a total of 3185 laps during the opening four-day Barcelona test, amassing 14.826kms.

And the one fact that became abundantly clear is that the 2017 tyres suffer with very little degradation.

“There’ll be maybe some more extreme things if you had really high temperatures here [Circuit de Catalunya], maybe Silverstone, but you’re essentially looking at one-stop races,” Hembery, Pirelli’s motorsport boss, told F1 Fanatic.

Asked whether this opens Formula 1 to the possibility of dropping the mandatory one pit stop run to allow for varying strategies, he replied: “They’ll just go non-stop.”