Hembery pleased with test outcomes


Pirelli Motorsport Director Paul Hembery said he was pleased with what was achieved during the 12-hour tyre test which took place at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.

The official tyre supplier worked on the development of its 2016 compounds, including the new ultrasoft and it was the one opportunity Pirelli had to try and prepare for the next season. Hembery believes that the opportunity was well exploited.

"We had one shot when it came to testing tyres for next season, and we can be satisfied by what we've achieved in this test, even if we have to fully analyze the data," he told Formula1.com

"We've tested different versions of the new ultrasoft compound for 2016, which was one of the targets for this session," added the director.

Hembery created some clarity on what it was that his team wanted to achieve during the particular session.

"The ultrasoft's target for 2016 is to introduce a compound softer than the supersoft and mainly designed as aggressive choice for street circuits: with better performance than the latest version of the supersoft tyre and faster degradation, in order to allow the teams to take a more aggressive approach to race strategy," he said.

However, he did also emphasise that there was still a considerable amount to be done from a technical standpoint, adding that further analysis would still be conducted.

"Whether this will produce more pit stops, or any difference in strategies, it's too early to say for now. We will fully analyse our data and team telemetry once we get back to base. But it seems we are heading in the right direction: the ultrasoft is expected to offer more possibilities for certain races."