Hill: Why were Merc not red flagged?


Damon Hill has questioned why the stewards allowed Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg to race at Monza if their tyres were deemed unsafe.

Both drivers started Sunday's Italian Grand Prix with their rear-left tyres under the minimum prescribed pressure set by Pirelli.

And although the FIA was aware of this, given that Hamilton and Rosberg's tyre pressures were measured on the grid, they were still permitted to race.

Hamilton went onto win while Rosberg retired with an engine failure.

Mercedes were later referred to the stewards to answer questions about their tyres.

However, Hill wants to know why Hamilton and Rosberg, whose rear-left tyres were 0.3PSI and 1.1PSI below the minimum pressure, were even allowed to race.

"If they let someone carry on racing with tyre pressures that they knew were below the pressure that Pirelli said was safe then why didn't they red flag him," he told Sky Sports F1.

"If I was a racer who carried on to the race and was then told that I had been in an unsafe car I would be very annoyed and would want to know why they didn't bring me in."