Honda 50% satisfied with 2016 development


Yusuke Hasegawa expressed that he is only 50% satisfied after announcing that their 2016 development is complete.

Honda introduced their last upgrade in Malaysia, with driving pair Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button receiving the update as both of them managed to secure points for the Woking-based team.

Despite a disappointing run in their home race in Japan the following weekend, the Honda boss insisted that they showed significant progress throughout the season so far.

“Yes, our development for 2016 is complete, but of course we will continue to fine-tune the power units at every track,” Hasegawa told F1i.

“My satisfaction level is at 50%, and I am split because though we have made lots of progress this year, we are not yet at the level of the top level teams.

“What we have done this year will of course help next year, but at the moment, we are completely focused on the early part of 2017. What will happen within next year comes after that.”

Looking ahead to next weekend’s race in Austin, Hasegawa reckons that the circuit should match the characteristics of their car.

“We think that Austin should be a better track for us than Suzuka, but it is difficult to predict at this point,” he concluded.