Honda could supply second team in 2017


Despite their current woes, Honda could be open to supplying a second Formula 1 team from 2017 onward.

The Japanese manufacturer is back in Formula 1 this season, having signed up as McLaren's engine partner.

However Honda's first year with the V6 engines has been anything but successful.

Reliability has been a huge problem with Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso incurring a combined 105-place penalty at one race alone, Belgium.

Added to that the team has scored just 17 points and only one race, Hungary, finished with both drivers inside the top ten.

But despite all that, Honda could be ready to supply a second team in 2017.

"You all know that in the current agreement for an engine manufacturer to enter Formula 1 there is the possibility to supply other teams," McLaren racing director Eric Boullier told Autosport.

"It's a question we have discussed already and we keep discussing with Honda.

"And at the right time for our partnership we would be ready – Honda would be ready, yes – to supply another team.

"We are partners, we are discussing, and we will agree when we do it."

The Frenchman also refuted suggestions that McLaren could say no to Honda supplying a second team.

"Our voice is considered as a partner – it's not a veto," he said.

"[From 2017] it could be possible, why not? That means the engine would be attractive for another team, so I see that as a positive."