Honda issues ‘already fixed’


Honda are confident of putting in more laps on Day Two at Jerez, revealing the electrical issue they had on Sunday has already been resolved.

Fernando Alonso debuted the new McLaren-Honda MP4-30 at Jerez on Sunday but managed just six laps on the day.

The Spaniard covered single lap installation runs in the morning before a technical issue put paid to his day's work.

But despite their aborted start, Honda are confident of better come Monday.

Motorsport chief Yasuhisa Arai told Autosport: "I cannot say the detail but there was small electrical trouble and also some control trouble, but not so big.

"We have already fixed it. We have found out what has happened, and tonight [Sunday] we change something and tomorrow will be much better."

Sunday's troubles come in the wake of Honda's post-season woes in Abu Dhabi last year.

In action for the first time, the revised McLaren used during the Yas Marina test ran into several problems.

Honda, however, say Sunday's issues were a different to those experienced last year.

"In Abu Dhabi we had many communication troubles, but that was already fixed before this test," Arai said.

"We have found out new issues today because the car is completely new.

"We have to learn very carefully step-by-step, so we can imagine what happened today."