Honda need an answer on Sauber deal ‘now’


Honda are wanting an answer on the Sauber engine deal “now”, that’s according to their F1 chief Yusuke Hasegawa.

Although Sauber announced at the Russian GP that they would race Honda engines in 2018, the deal was never finalised.

Monisha Kaltenborn’s departure soon after meant the deal was never formally signed with Honda now pressing for talks with new team boss Frederic Vasseur.

Asked when Honda need to know whether is on or not, Hasegawa told RACER: “Now.

“As soon as possible. We cannot wait for next year’s preparations so we are working on it already and we really need to fix [a decision].

“From the plan point of view we are already working on [being ready for the Sauber supply in 2018].

“So we need to fix the plans, but we will just continue as we are for now. So far, no change.”