Honda ‘need more horsepower’

Date published: May 18 2015 - Editor

With nine tokens in hand, Honda believe they have established the key areas they need to be used to improve but not exactly how.

In the wake of last season, the first under V6 power, all the engine manufacturers were given tokens to upgrade their power units.

Although Honda were new to the sport this season it was decided that they would get nine to use during this year's championship.

After five races with McLaren, motorsport chief Yasuhisa Arai says they have decided which key areas they will use the tokens to improve.

"We don't have the complete plan yet as to how to use the tokens, which areas and when," said Arai.

"We have already confirmed which areas are the most effective, and I know we are making a plan to apply race-by-race how many tokens we spend.

"One area where we are weak is horsepower – we need more horsepower – so one area to use the tokens is combustion, and the MGU-K and MGU-H because energy is a very important part.

"Combustion and energy recovery systems are very important."

He added: "Maybe we need to change the combustion concept, or the turbocharger, or the camshaft, those kind of parts.

"We should try to change the combustion concept because maybe the other power-unit suppliers are always thinking about better combustion characteristics.
Eric Boullier and Yasuhisa Arai

"Every day, on the research and development side they are thinking about it, working on or testing a new combustion concept to get more horsepower to immediately apply that.

"Maybe that's the area to use the tokens."