Honda on ‘pressure’ of potential Red Bull deal


After three troubled years with McLaren, Honda concede they need to decide whether they can cope with the “pressure” and “responsibility” of powering Red Bull before entering a possible deal.

Red Bull are considering their options for next season, which include staying with current supplier Renault or swapping to Honda.

But while much of the focus is on what Red Bull want, Honda motorsport boss Masashi Yamamoto says the Japanese company also needs to consider the ramifications of adding Red Bull to their customer list.

They have reportedly already began talks with Red Bull but Christian Horner is adamant he won’t make a decision until he’s seen both engine supplier’s Canadian GP upgrades.

“We regard it as a positive thing, giving us time means we have time to consult more,” Yamamoto told “We are very positive.

“To deal with Red Bull is a really big thing for Honda, because they are a top team.

“This gives us a sort of pressure as an engine manufacturer.

“We have to consider many aspects very well, can we really deal with Red Bull’s size?

“We have to feel the responsibility to supply the engine.”

This season Honda are supplying only Toro Rosso after parting ways with McLaren at the end of 2017.

The brought an end to a tense three-year relationship with Yamamoto confident that if Honda do business with Red Bull, it will be different.

“It was difficult with McLaren, but it was also a very good experience,” he said. “They gave us very precious experience as a partner.

“We are now having another experience with Toro Rosso, which is very good.

“If we are going to be with Red Bull, we don’t think we’ll be together like McLaren.

“I don’t think we’ll have the same situation as we had like McLaren.”