‘Honda power unit has all the disadvantages’


McLaren’s Honda engine “engine combines all of the disadvantages” that can be found in a power unit; that’s according to Eric Boullier.

McLaren’s wretched start to the 2017 season continued in Russia on Sunday where, for the second race in succession, only one car took to the start grid.

The team’s troubles have been pinned almost solely on Honda with Boullier stating that the power unit has all the “disadvantages” that can be found in today’s V6 engines.

“As far as technology is concerned, Formula One has a downside: the distances between the teams has increased even more than before,” he told Speed Week.

“An engine that is more powerful is also more efficient, better consumption and stability.

“The more powerful engines have all the advantages, the weaker engines have more disadvantages. Our engine combines all of the disadvantages.

“We are still not fast and we are still shooting ourselves in the foot. So it is a delicate situation.”

And although Honda are expected to introduce further developments at the Spanish GP, it doesn’t seem like Boullier is holding out much hope.

“In principle yes,” he said. “I hope so.”

As for those persistent Mercedes switch rumours, he replied: “No comment.”

Such have been McLaren’s troubles this season that Boullier has urged their engine partner to begin work on the 2018 power unit immediately.

“2017 is still under development,” he said. “The rest is the responsibility of Honda. But Honda must start now.

“Mercedes, for example, already have an engine that will run in 2018.”