Honda: Second team won’t change anything

Date published: March 26 2015 - Editor

Honda have denied that taking on a second or even third team would help them get on track, adamant they are getting "enough data" from McLaren.

Honda's return to Formula 1 has been trying as the Japanese engine manufacture has struggled to get on top of their V6 engine.

Not only is the new power unit lacking in pace – Jenson Button was 2.8s down in Q1 at Melbourne – but reliability has proven elusive.

That led to just one car starting in Australia as Kevin Magnussen failed to reach the grid as his MP4-30's engine expired on his out-lap.

Honda's troubles have raised some questions about whether having a second team on board would help their situation.

Honda's F1 boss Yasuhisa Arai says it wouldn't.

"I don't think so. We are one team, we work with McLaren," he told Autosport when asked if the 'recovery process would have been easier with more teams'.

"We already have enough data to develop in a good direction.

"If we supplied another team to get more data, that data would make no difference to us.

"McLaren's experience is very helpful, and two champion drivers [Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button] bring good knowledge from the track."

He did, however, add that Honda could supply other teams in 2016 but that they were not actively searching.

"Right now we don't have any offers from the other teams, but of course if some teams ask us [to supply engines] we can consider it," he said.

"But right now, nothing. We are joined with McLaren.

"We are not anti [supplying more teams], but we wouldn't proactively go out looking for more.

"We don't do it this way. That is not our intention."