Honda set to deliver update in Baku


Honda's F1 chief Yusuke Hasegawa has revealed that the Japanese engine supplier are poised to provide McLaren with an update in Baku.

Honda were supposed to be delivering a full engine upgrade in Montreal, but are under more pressure now after they failed to meet the deadline.

And while a full engine upgrade is not expected in Baku either, Hasegawa believes there will be an improvement in the combustion engine for this weekend's race and beyond.

"There will be some kind of improvement in the combustion engine in Baku," Hasegawa said.

"I don't know if you can call it specification three, but we'll definitely introduce something even if it is intermediate."

Hasegawa also stated that this new upgrade would not be the magic wand to end Honda's problems.

"If you improve the combustion engine, the temperature of the exhaust decreases by being more efficient, which reduces the energy recovered through the turbo and MGU-H, making it necessary to change these parts too," he added.

"The situation is more complicated than people can imagine.