Honda ‘spending what it takes’ to resolve issues


McLaren boss Zak Brown has said Honda are doing all they can to try and ensure that the team are competitive at the Australian Grand Prix and beyond.

Two double breakdowns on the final days of Winter Testing only added to McLaren's misery in Barcelona, with Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne massively restricted throughout the eight days at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Since then, there has been plenty of rumours circulating that McLaren have been exploring the possibility of returning to Mercedes as their engine supplier, but Brown insists Honda are committed to using their resources to fix the long-standing problems.

"Our communications are with Honda and we're trying to figure out with Honda what's the best long-term strategy but also we need some short-term results," Brown told RACER.

"So I'm going to keep our solutions that we're working on with Honda to ourselves.

"We need to fix our situation quickly, so we're looking at all the different ways to do that.

"We have other partners who are expecting results, so we need to take care of our Honda partnership but we also need to take care of our Chandons, NTTs, Johnnie Walkers and SAPs of the world. They want some results.

"We've got a long history with Honda, they're spending what it takes, they're committed, so they're the right partner. We've just got a technical glitch that we need to work through very, very quickly."