Honda: Too late for second team in 2016


Honda boss Yasuhisa Arai has said that they were open to supplying engines to multiple teams before this was vetoed by McLaren.

Red Bull expressed interest in teaming up with Honda as their search for an engine partner continued to run dry, but McLaren exercised their right to veto such agreements, with McLaren racing director Eric Boullier stating that: "We are not a charity foundation, so we are not here to help."

However, speaking to, Arai has revealed that Honda's long-term thinking involves supplying multiple teams.

"We know what has been written in the media, but our point of view as Honda is we have always said since the beginning of the season that we are open to supply multiple teams and we come into F1 thinking about that," said Arai.

"We can't comment on the veto, but Honda is always open and thinking ahead."

Arai added that even if McLaren were to change their stance on Red Bull, it is too late to put together a deal to supplier the embattled team.

"I think it's too late. Even if we got the offer right now, it's too late," Arai said. "Always we concentrate on McLaren-Honda as the works team and there is no change."