Honda undecided on Canadian upgrade


Honda are mulling over upgrading their engine ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, which takes place at the power-hungry Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

After the slow streets of Monte Carlo, where McLaren claimed a double points-haul, Formula 1 moves on to one of the fastest circuits, Montreal.

And although McLaren are still down on power compared to their rivals, they may not have a power boost for the grand prix as Honda are still debating their options.

“There is no doubt that power is very important for Canada, which is a very stop and go circuit,” said Head of F1 project Yusuke Hasegawa.

“It’s stop and go circuit so fuel consumption is also very important.

“I want to introduce some of the updates of course. We want to but we can’t decide, we can’t tell. So we will try to prepare.

“Even just a 1 per cent improvement or a 10 per cent improvement we still need to use the same tokens, so in that case we would want to choose the 10 per cent upgrade.”

He did, however, reveal that initial dyno tests were proving encouraging.

“Some of the updates that we have run in Sakura on the dyno I have seen have good results. The thing we have to do is confirm that technology is OK and the durability and the logistics to prepare.”

Honda have yet to use any of their remaining 18 engine tokens for the 2016 season.