Horner annoyed by ‘lack of consistency’


Christian Horner has hit out at a “lack of consistency” in the stewards’ ruling, saying it is a shame as it robbed Max Verstappen of third place in the United States GP.

Verstappen was the star driver on the day, racing from 16th on the grid to third at the chequered flag thanks to a late pass on Kimi Raikkonen.

The stewards, however, deemed that pass to have been off the track with Verstappen “gained a lasting advantage by leaving the track.”

They slapped him with a five-second penalty, dropping him to fourth.

Horner told the BBC: “It is a great shame. We have seen cars going off track all weekend.

“The race director has said he has been happy with the use of track limits.

“We have seen cars in the grand prix going beyond circuit limits with no action and Max makes an outstanding pass on Kimi and unfortunately had it taken off him.”

He added: “If you don’t want people to go there, put a kerb or gravel there.

“What’s annoying is the lack of consistency. How can you say what Valtteri did is OK and what Max did isn’t?

“In any other sport, if you are out, you are out.

“Either get rid of it completely and just let them race or if you don’t want the cars to go there put in a deterrent for the drivers not to be there.”