Horner backs down on equalisation calls


After days of backlash, Christian Horner accepts that asking the FIA to equalise the field is "probably not" the right thing.

The Red Bull team boss was left frustrated last time out in Australia when his drivers were soundly beaten by Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg claimed the 1-2 in Melbourne as Mercedes' dominant form continued into 2015.

As for Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo was fifth but a lap down while a gearbox issue put Daniil Kvyat out of the race even before the start.

Horner's frustrations led to him calling for the FIA to put in place measures to negate Mercedes' advantage.

However, days later – and after a great deal of criticism – he's conceded that would not be right.

"When you're in a scenario like we are, where you have very limited influence over the engine – we're effectively a customer – it's frustrating when your competitiveness is compromised and you don't have control over that," Horner told Autosport

"Is that [equalisation] likely to happen? Of course it's not. Is it fundamentally right for it to happen? Probably not either.

"I was frustrated with the situation, but we also have a fairly unhealthy situation if you've got huge disparity between the different power units.

"The problem with where we're at at the moment is that the technology is pretty immature.

"The investment required by Renault to match Mercedes is enormous."