Horner: Bring in Brawn


Christian Horner, team principal at Red Bull, has again lamented the ineffectual contribution made by the Formula One Strategy Group.

Horner, a fierce critic of the body, believes that the group struggles to implement effective changes because of the fact that so many different organisations, teams as well as agendas are involved. 

He pulled no punches in his assestment of the body.

“I think the Strategy Group is fairly inept. I keep saying it and I will repeat it again now: It is the commercial rights holder and the governing body to decide what F1 should be and then put it on the table to the teams and say 'this is what we want the product to be, these are the rules, this is the entry form'," he said.

The Red Bull boss thinks that perhaps someone who not only has a vast knowledge of the sport, but who is totally independent, should become involved in plotting the future of Formula One. 

Horner maintains that Ross Brawn might be the man for the job. Not only is he a former team principal at Mercedes, as well as technical director at Ferrari, he also ran his own team, Brawn GP in 2009, a year in which they won both the Drivers' and Constructors' Championship.

"Maybe you need an independent observer, someone not involved… someone like Ross Brawn that understands the challenges and knows the business to write a specification for what a car or technical regulations should be.” 

The Briton believes that waiting till 2017 to make regulations changes might be too late. 

Action, Horner says, must be taken now, especially with regards to the current engine rules and penalty format. His views are particularly pertinent in light of the large penalties received by teams, McLaren specifically, at this weekends Austrian Grand Prix. Fans, he says would also want the system simplified. 

“There is a lot of discussions for 2017, but can we afford to wait until 2017? I think we need to accelerate some of those," he added.

“Decisions need to be made so people know what is coming. I think we need to simplify a lot of these rules, because taking penalties and then further penalties, it is not right what the grid is until 10pm after qualifying, then further penalties in race… For the teams to follow it is complicated, so for the fans we need to keep it simple and go back to the basics."