Horner calls for corner-cutting deterrents


Still feeling unjustly punished by Max Verstappen’s United States GP penalty, Christian Horner has called for proper deterrents to put an end to the ambiguity.

Verstappen lost third place in Austin when he was deemed to have gained an advantage by passing Kimi Raikkonen with all four wheels off the track.

The Red Bull driver has subsequently for calling a steward an “idiot”, however, Horner says Formula 1 can prevent incidents such as this by having clear track limits.

“If you look at it in isolation you can understand why the stewards made that decision,” he told Sky F1.

“However, the thing that clouds it is the amount of track limits that were abused the whole weekend.

“How do you decide between one incident creating an advantage versus another.

“We saw all kinds of cars running off track.”

Conceding that it wasn’t an easy job for F1’s stewards, the team boss called for proper deterrents to put an end to the debate.

“I think what we all agree on is that the deterrent should be not to go there, ie, there should be a bit of gravel or a higher kerb or it should be slower to go off track or cut the track.

“For Formula 1, if you can introduce those kerbs or bits of gravel, I think you’ll get rid of all this track limit ambiguity.”