Horner coy on Honda rumours


Christian Horner has refused to confirm or deny the latest rumours linking Red Bull Racing to Honda engines.

The four-time World Champs are set to part ways with Renault at the end of this season leaving them without an engine supplier.

Red Bull have been turned down by both Mercedes and Ferrari which leaves just Honda.

And although the Japanese manufacturer has in the past insisted they will only supply McLaren in 2016, they are now reportedly in talks with Red Bull.

Horner, though, isn't saying whether there is any truth to those rumours.

"Well so far we've had the rumour of every single engine mentioned in the back of our car for next year, so they probably have a 25 per cent chance if you look at it that way," Horner told Sky Sports F1.

Pushed on the matter, the team boss said: "There is so much speculation, a lot of opinion is being based on it, so when we have something to say and something is fixed… it is being worked on very hard at the moment."

As for when Formula 1 can expect an announcement, the team boss concedes it won't be as early as the end of this month but he is hoping it will be soon.

"In the near future. We need to, it'll be November next week then suddenly it is Christmas and then testing starts.

"We need to get something sorted over the next couple of weeks. It would be nice to have everything firmed up by the time we leave Mexico, but the likelihood of having it by then is unlikely.

"There is an awful lot going on in the background, but once we have something to say I'm sure Sky will have that exclusive."