Horner doffs his hat to Mansell


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has applauded Nigel Mansell for allowing drivers to go wheel-to-wheel at the British GP.

Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso were involved in an intense tussle for fifth place at Silverstone on Sunday with the former getting the better of the Ferrari driver with five laps to go.

However while both drivers have been praised for their incredible driving, their complaints didn’t go down well. Vettel and Alonso had a few moans over radio about the other exceeding track limits.

Although both teams had a word with FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting, the stewards decided the incidents didn’t warrant any punishment, something which Horner welcomed.

“It was two guys going at it hammer and tongs, and it was great racing,” Horner said.

“The problem is they’ve introduced all these rules about circuit limits, and as they’re both professionals they’re both going to be pointing out the errors of the other.

“Fernando was benefiting at Turns nine (Copse) and 18 (Club) constantly. Sebastian was quick to point that out, but then Sebastian was doing whatever he could to try and pass him.

“They were both on the limit. For me it was six of one, half a dozen of the other. It would have been wrong for them to be penalised.

“We raised it to Charlie (Whiting, race director) and Ferrari raised it about Sebastian.

“Charlie pointed out a couple of times the track limits to Seb, and it was also pointed out to Fernando as he received a warning flag.

“The problem is when you’ve a run-off like that and it’s a quick corner then drivers are going to want to abuse it.

“But hats off to Nigel that he allowed the guys to get on and race. That’s what Nigel is there for.”