Horner downplays McLaren-Renault link up


Christian Horner reckons it is unlikely that Renault will power McLaren in 2018 as permission from the FIA to do so would all but end Honda’s F1 involvement.

Renault have admitted to talking with McLaren but concede that a deal is unlikely.

It would have been possible if Toro Rosso’s recent negotiations with Honda hadn’t broken down but, as they did, Renault would need the FIA’s permission to supply a fourth team.

And that, Horner points out, would all end Honda’s involvement in Formula 1.

“I don’t think Renault could supply a fourth team,” the Red Bull team boss told Sky Sports F1.

“I don’t think they have the capacity to do that and they would also need FIA approval to do that which I which I can’t see happening.

“It is an FIA issue if Renault are to supply more than three teams, but I can’t imagine a situation where they would agree something which would be effectively be putting Honda out of Formula 1.”

The Brit adds that time is also fast running out for McLaren to even consider changing engine suppliers.

He added: “It’s getting pretty late in the day now, designs are obviously well underway for next year. An engine shuffle would need to be dealt with in the next couple of weeks.”