Horner: F1 needs independent engine


Red Bull boss Christian Horner feels that Formula 1 needs an independent engine to get the right performance balance back in the sport.

Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt's plans have been put on hold to introduce a competitive budget engine from 2017 to give manufacturers time to come up with alternatives. 

Red Bull are backing the original plan with Horner telling Motorsport.com that engines need to be simplified to make the sport more competitive.

“You need a competitive independent engine,” said Horner. “That is what will bring balance back into the whole system.

“We have a situation in the sport, and forget Red Bull a little bit, because just like the double diffuser was a battle between FOTA and FOM, the engine is a very powerful tool for who has control of F1.

“Is it the promoter and the FIA? Or is it the manufacturers? We find ourselves, unfortunately, caught in the middle of that power play.

“That is why the engines need to be simplified, and there needs to be a much-reduced gap between the best and the worst engine.”

Manufacturers have been meeting and are hoping to come up with a plan that will bring the F1 engine costs down; they are expected to be submitting their proposal to the FIA on January 15. 

Horner is eager to see what the car makers have come up with as it will affect his team's plans drastically.

“The manufacturers are now under pressure to come back by January 15 with an affordable and available engine that addresses all the current issues,” he said.

“If that doesn't happen, then I believe the independent engine will be brought into play. So we wait with interest to see what comes back on January 15.”