Horner: Haas’ success is not a bad thing


While some aren't too happy with Haas' F1 model, Christian Horner says he welcomes it as it shows team can enter the sport and do well on a limited budget.

Haas joined the Formula 1 ranks this season using a Dallara-designed chassis fitted with a Ferrari engine, suspension and other parts.

The team tasted immediate success as Romain Grosjean raced to P6 in Australia and then went one better at the next race in Bahrain.

But not everyone is celebrating Haas' success.

Williams' technical director Pat Symonds fears that the Haas model goes against the principle of being a constructor.

"The status of being a constructor has been gradually eroded," he said. "Some would like it completely eroded.

"What Haas has done is good for him, but I don't know if that is really the way F1 should be going.

"It's absolutely legal but is it really what F1 wants? I'm not sure."

However, Red Bull team boss Horner believes Haas' success is good for Formula 1 as what the sport really needs is strong teams racing one another.

"To be honest, I don't think it is a bad thing," the Brit told Motorsport.com.

"It demonstrates that you can be competitive without having to employ 600 people and spend 200 million Euros.

"When you look at the problem of some of the teams, while there will be all the arguments that it is not in the DNA of F1, it far better to have healthy racing, and giving drivers like Grosjean the chance, than being consigned to the back of the grid."

He did, however, have a quip about Haas' relationship with Ferrari after Daniel Ricciardo lost P5 to Grosjean in Bahrain.

"They were quick, their strategy worked well for them," Horner added.

"They were aggressive, soft tyred and three-stops. It is a solid car. Last year's Ferrari is still looking pretty good."