Horner heavily critical of engine grid penalties


Red Bull boss Christian Horner has said it is time for a "serious look" at the penalty system and needs to be "number one" on the agenda at the next Strategy Group meeting.

Almost half the field were penalised ahead of the Italian Grand Prix with only Lewis Hamilton starting in the grid slot he actually qualified in.

That prompted a fierce backlash from a vast majority of pundits and fans alike, stating that a fairer alternative has to be found in order to prevent drivers for being punished for mechanical issues which are completely out of their control.

"It needs a serious look at to see whether there is a better way to penalise a manufacturer or an entrant as opposed to messing around with the grid," said Horner.

"It is only going to get worse towards the end [of the season] and it would be a shame to see this championship decided on grid penalties."

The plan next season is to reduce the engine limit from four to three before penalties come into effect, and Horner believes this needs to be immediately addressed at the next Strategy Group meeting.

"What concerns me is that we are going to three engines for next year with more races. To me, that should be number one on the agenda at the next Strategy Group meeting," he added.

"I tried to get it changed at a meeting earlier in the year but there was no support for it. I would hope that would perhaps be different with teams staring down the barrel of further penalties between now and the end of the year.

"Obviously the penalty has to be a significant deterrent because the whole point of this was cost-saving. But we're not saving costs because the engines are going on a world tour anyway.

"Maybe five engines is the right number rather than four going to three."