Horner: Mercedes dominance is ‘bad for the sport’


Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has said it is “unpalatable” to think about Mercedes dominating for another three years.

The Silver Arrows have been in a league of their own since 2014 and Horner has called on new owners Liberty Media to level the playing field as quickly, and naturally, as possible.

“It’s unpalatable to think of it for another three years,” Horner told The Guardian.

“The new owners of F1 know very much about putting on a great show and there being good and healthy competition.

“That can’t be artificially done obviously but I would be surprised if they were prepared to allow total dominance like the last three years.”

Horner believes that more Mercedes dominance would do nothing to attract new fans or bring back those who have grown tired of Formula 1.

He added: “It would be bad for the sport. But how you prevent it from happening I don’t know.

“It would be wrong to artificially slow someone down. We have just got to work hard to put them under pressure.”