Horner praises Renault B-spec power unit

Date published: June 2 2016 - Editor

Red Bull Racing team boss has Christian Horner heaped praise on Renault's new B-spec power unit and credited them for Daniel Ricciardo's pole position at the Monaco Grand Prix.

After performing well during in-season testing at Barcelona, the French-manufacturer fast-tracked their engine and gave it to Renault driver Kevin Magnussen and Ricciardo ahead of the Monte Carlo race weekend.

Horner appreciated the fact that Renault were able to get it ready for Monaco and added that Ricciardo was always first choice to receive the engine, even before former Toro Rosso driver Max Verstappen joined them.

“I think Renault has done a good job and, obviously, the gains that have come in the power unit this weekend have been approximately 0.2secs," Horner said.

"So that will translate to a bit more when we get to circuits like Montreal and Azerbaijan, so it’s been a positive step and, without it, we wouldn’t have achieved the pole position.

"It was always going to be clear, even before Max [Verstappen] joined the team, that, if it was going to be available [Ricciardo would receive it] – and we pushed Renault really hard from the beginning of the year to get it for this race, so hats off to them for achieving it because it was scheduled for Montreal."