Horner: Quitting is not an option


Despite threats to the contrary, Christian Horner is adamant that quitting F1 is "not an option" and the Red Bull are looking for a way to remain on the grid.

Without an engine supplier for next season having dropped Renault before organising a back-up plan, Red Bull's future is in doubt.

Team owner Dietrich Mateschitz has threatened to walk away unless he has a competitive power unit for the team.

"We'll only stay in Formula 1 if we have a competitive team, and we need a competitive power unit for that," he said earlier this month.

That power unit has yet to be secured.

Both Mercedes and Ferrari have said no to supplying Red Bull, prompting new rumours that a deal with Honda could be on the cards.

But whatever happens, Horner is adamant Red Bull will be in F1 next season.

"For me it's not an option, we have to find a solution and I'm working very hard to ensure that the team's on the grid and competitive for next year and beyond," he said.

But the decision is not his, it is Mateschitz.

Horner, though, says the team owner "wants" to find a way forward for Red Bull Racing.

"It's his team at the end of the day," said the Brit. "He recognises the commitment and the skill and determination that's within the team.

"Again, he wants to find a solution going forward. He's committed to helping that and behind the scenes is obviously involved in numerous discussions to try and facilitate that."

Pushed on Mateschitz's threats, Horner added: "That could still be his prerogative, that could still be his decision to do that.

"Indeed, if we don't have an engine then we can't race but my position, as team principal of the team feeling the responsibility for the in excess of 800 employees that we have, is to ensure that we're on the grid and we're racing and we're racing competitively next year so therefore I'm working hard to try and ensure that we have a solution."

Horner was also questioned about whether Volkswagen's recent emission scandal had 'derailed' the team's plans to link up with the German manufacturer.

He said: "Well of course there was – as publicly known – there has been discussion with the VW Group which obviously… with their current issues probably Formula One is the last thing on their mind.

"There were other discussions that will become apparent no doubt in the future as well, other promises that were made.

"There's an awful lot of speculation and conjecture about our situation at the moment. Once everything is finalised I’m sure it will all become extremely clear."