Horner: Radio rule is complete rubbish


Although Christian Horner has labelled the ban on radio instructions as "complete rubbish", he says teams have to "play to the rules."

Nico Rosberg is facing a steward investigation that could yet cost him his second place in Sunday's British Grand Prix.

The German was coached by his race engineer Tony Ross when he suffered a gearbox problem in the closing laps of the race.

Ross told his driver "you need to shift through seven gear", instructions that could land Rosberg in hot water with the stewards.

And although Red Bull boss Horner is not a fan of the ban, he says it is up to the stewards to make a ruling.

“The rule is complete rubbish, that sort of thing should be allowed,” he told Sky Sports F1. “There were loads of messages we wanted to give our drivers today. You have to play to the rules.”

He added: “It is obviously with the stewards so it is up to them to decide. I suppose the question they will be asking is ‘what would have happened if they hadn’t instructed him in what to do’?

“He came past us very, very slowly and obviously the instruction tidied up whatever the issue was with an engine mode and a gearbox position. That, as the rules are written today, isn’t right but it is with the stewards, it is for them to decide.”