Horner: RB13 ‘one of the prettiest designs’


Red Bull boss Christian Horner has spoken of his admiration for the car that he hopes will challenge Mercedes for the title this season.

The RB13 was simply launched in a teaser video which did not last much longer than a minute, but it still sparked plenty of discussion after a new style of nose was revealed.

Horner, though, believes they have one of the best-looking cars to work with this year.

"I think the RB13 is one of the prettiest cars that we've designed and made because the geometry of the car under these new regulations means the proportions look right," Horner said.

"It looks mean, it looks fast. The old adage is that, if it looks right, it tends to go alright – and this car sure looks right."

"It's an exciting moment, to see the car break cover," he says.

"People get sucked into who's doing what times, which fuel loads, who's doing race runs etcetera., It's all irrelevant in reality!

"You have to focus on your own programme, put the blinkers on, get through your programme of work and the developments you want to look at – because it's all going to change by the time you get to Melbourne anyway."