Horner reiterates call for Liberty to set ultimatum


Christian Horner believes it is down to Liberty Media and the FIA to decide the 2021 regulations, and then give the teams the option to sign up or not.

Liberty Media, who took control of Formula 1 at the start of last season, are expected to put their blueprint for the sport’s future on the table as early as this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

Already Ferrari have warned they may walk away if they aren’t happy with the new rules while Mercedes could join the Scuderia in starting a rival series.

But whatever the cost, Red Bull boss Horner reckons the only way forward is for Liberty and the FIA to decide the new 2021 regulations as the teams won’t reach a consensus.

“Trying to get a consensus between teams that have got varying objectives, different set-ups, is going to be impossible,” he said.

“So it’s down to the commercial rights holder and the FIA to get together, come up with a set of regulations – what is the financial framework, what is the distribution that they want to have – put it on the table and it’s down to the teams whether they want to sign up to that or not.

“Of course there will be a lot of positioning, the media will be used, it’s history repeating itself and it happens every five or six years, every time the Concorde Agreement comes up for renewal.

“But my feeling is, Liberty, together with FIA, need to get on the same piece of paper to say this is what we want Formula One to be, this is the financial distribution surrounding it, here’s the deal and laid out to the teams.”