Horner urges F1 to seize the opportunity

Date published: February 23 2016 - Editor

Christian Horner hopes Formula 1 bosses do not miss out on the opportunity to do "something really good" when they meet in Geneva on Tuesday.

The Formula 1 teams, Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA will meet on Tuesday for crunch talks that will decide the sport's future.

There are proposals on the table aiming at making F1 faster, louder and more aggressive but whether they can reach an unanimous agreement is uncertain.

As it stands even Ecclestone is not happy with the package that is on offer.

"Most of the participants are only thinking about what's good for them in the short term," he told the Daily Mail. "Long term for most of those people is two or three races.

"The result is that Formula One is the worst it has ever been. I wouldn't spend my money to take my family to watch a race. No way."

Horner hopes the teams and the rest of the players will make the most of this opportunity to improve Formula 1.

"We have got an opportunity to do something really good and hopefully that is not missed," he told Reuters.

"It needs to be constructive and positive so we have a clear direction for the future, because sitting here right now I am not sure what that direction is."