Horner: Verstappen can improve on qualy


Red Bull boss Christian Horner revealed that although rookie driver Max Verstappen is impressing everyone across the grid with his performances during races, he can still improve on his qualifying.

Comparing the Dutchman to Daniel Ricciardo, Horner claimed that there is not much difference between the two expect the Australian’s exceptional qualifying results.

Based on form since joining Red Bull, Verstappen should be called the better driver between himself and Ricciardo. However, the Red Bull boss strongly disagrees, saying that they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

“Max has been racing in the past two or three races very strong and very good on the tyre,” Horner explained.

“He is under pressure as well but it doesn’t faze him. He has got a bit of work to do on the quali-side which Daniel is right at the top of his game but it is great to have two drivers so evenly matched and pushing each other. I think it will come with experience.”

When quizzed about whether or not the former Toro Rosso speedster had any chance of claiming victory at the Austrian Grand Prix, Horner claimed that the pace of Mercedes was too much for them.

“Only when the two Mercedes started to get it juicy in the last lap. On outright pace, no, it was obvious Mercedes were the quickest cars,” he continued.

“I think we benefited from the Mercedes get together on the last lap but I think we had the upper hand on Ferrari in the race today which was great.

“We’ve taken 13 points out of their lead and it was a positive home GP and great for Dietrich [Mateschitz] to see his car leading the race and fighting for the podium.”