Horner wants ‘flat-out racing’


If Christian Horner was in charge of F1 then grands prix would be shorter, there would be no fuel saving, no one-stop races and it would all be "flat out".

Formula 1 has come in for some criticism in the wake of the Canadian Grand Prix after several drivers voiced their unhappiness at being told to save fuel during the race.

BBC F1 commentator and former McLaren driver David Coulthard has also joined the queue of those criticising the sport, saying: "The sad reality is that the drivers are not enjoying the current F1. They are just not tested sufficiently."

There have been a lot of discussions in recent weeks about how to spice things up and Red Bull team boss Horner has some ideas.

"If you are a fan sitting at home watching that, you don't want to hear that," he said of fuel-saving calls.

"You want to see the guys going flat-out racing each other, so it's something we need to take on aboard and react to."

Horner added: "One-stop races aren't good for F1. You need to have two to three stops. That is important.

"The tyres that we have are a bit too conservative.

"The other thing that is not good for F1 is fuel saving. I think it should be a sprint race: and lift and coast doesn't belong in a sprint race.

"That is not the message that F1 should be putting across."

Asked how he would change things, the Brit said: "Shorten the race by five laps or whatever it is.

"Either a bit more fuel or a bit less distance. It needs to be a flat-out sprint race from start to finish."