How F1 drivers are spending the summer break


Most fans are always curious about how their favorite F1 drivers spend their holidays and summers doing when they are not racing.

For drivers who are used to the thrill of the moment while on the tracks, you cannot expect them to lay low and wait for the summer break to expire. They could be trying out new things that either causes a rush in their adrenaline or help them relax before the restart of the season. Below are some of the things they are doing to pass time and relax:

Motor Biking on the mountains

Lewis Hamilton has been known to be a thrill seeker. As such, it is no surprise that he is taking his motorbike to the mountains. With his Honda Bike, he explores the mountains to find out what lays there before he can go back to the tracks. As a top F1 driver, the UK international takes his racing seriously having won many championships in multiple Grands Prix.


Who would have thought that Jolyon Palmer had a love for hiking, let alone in Africa? It is a summer worth his time and space as he took it to task by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Located in East Africa at the border of Kenya and Tanzania, Palmer took the challenge head-on to climb over 19000 feet of the Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Relaxing in the tropical environment

Valtteri Bottas has decided to let things lay low while he unwinds in his homeland Finland. It is not everyday you get to cool off and unwind. Bottas has chosen to go about it the old fashion way. Just being in his home country makes all the difference.

Catching up with friends

It is a noble thing to do for a busy and great F1 driver such as Stoffel Vandoorne. The Belgium international took it to Montenegro as a way to have fun, catch up with friends and loved ones. During the summer, he would try and make as much time for his loved ones as he can while still having fun.


For Fernando Alonso, it is more work and some play. He takes his summer break deep into the woods and mountains while cycling on his mountain bike. It is how he gets to exhale and keep his body in shape. The former champion is no stranger to the tracks and knows how to spend his summer while getting ready for the next race.


Some of the F1 drivers like Felipe Massa do not want to relax or do something completely different. He just wants to spend his entire summer break behind the wheel. Karting makes this a great way for him to get back into his groove. It may be because he missed out on the Hungarian Grand Prix. It shows like he does not need the break but at the same time, he is having fun while on the track Karting.