Hulk labels K-Mag a ‘wannabe Verstappen’


Nico Hulkenberg's war of words with Kevin Magnussen has continued following their clash in the paddock at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

After Magnussen forced Hulkenberg off the track when fighting for P11 in Sunday's race, the latter confronted the Haas driver during an interview to sarcastically tell him he did a "good job".

Magnussen's response to the Renault driver was to "suck my balls". and now Hulkenberg has hit back in Formula 1's latest fierce rivalry.

"I wish there were as many people talking about the race,” Hulkenberg said in his exclusive column for German station Sport1.

“At the moment we have different challenges in Formula 1 than the balls of a wannabe Verstappen.

“I'm not the kind of guy to curry favour with the public after the race, and I don't need to insult someone. If I have a problem with somebody, I go ahead and say what's on my mind.

“But the fans are happy about seeing a sport in which competition is being lived and somebody is speaking his mind. This is the fun thing about F1, especially with hot-headed sensitive people.

“With Kevin it's like having a little brother. You know he is not able to defend himself in any other way. Therefore, it's easy to take his remarks with a smile on your face."