Hulkenberg critical of Pirelli’s wet tyres

Date published: September 8 2017 - Editor

Although Nico Hulkenberg believes Pirelli’s wet weather tyres are not up to the job, he concedes it is not easy for the tyre manufacturer to develop the rubber given the limited testing.

Saturday’s qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix become an extended affair when the rain came down at Monza.

It resulted in the hour-long session being delayed for close on three hours as even when the rain lessened, the Pirelli tyres on offer couldn’t cope with the standing water that remained.

“The rain was not so strong and there was not so much standing water,” Hulkenberg explained to Germany’s Sport1.

“The problem was that the tyres are only made to displace a certain number of litres of water. Otherwise, aquaplaning happens easily which is of course uncomfortable and the drivers don’t want that.

“Charlie Whiting only had a few options.”

The Renault driver believes the only way to resolve this in the future is to allow for more wet weather Pirelli tests, giving the manufacturer the opportunity to improve the tyres.

“For the future, I think we should continue working with Pirelli to improve the situation. Because in the past, with other tyre manufacturers, we could still drive in those types of conditions.

“The only thing is that there is not much testing in the year at all, so certainly not much on wet tracks. So it is difficult for Pirelli to improve.”