Hulkenberg defends Vettel


Nico Hulkenberg has defended his fellow countryman Sebastian Vettel after coming under-fire for his explosive rant on Ferrari’s team radio at the Mexican Grand Prix.

Vettel was heard on the radio swearing and shouting at FIA race director Charlie Whiting and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, who refused to yield after gaining an advantage by running off the road.

The Ferrari driver did, however, apologise immediately after the race, but that didn’t stop the F1 paddock from criticising his behavior during the closing stages of the race.

Hulkenberg, though, understood where Vettel’s frustrations came from.

“It’s always the world against Seb,” said the future Renault driver.

“I’m sure Charlie is not that happy, not impressed. Of course, sometimes you go ‘what a w**ker’ or ‘what an idiot’ but usually they cut it out.

“But it does happen in the heat of the race, don’t take this wrong but in the media centre or at home on the couch, everything is on the limit with the finest margins and you try hard.

“So if something doesn’t go right you just feel ‘Aghhh’. Seb is very special in that regard.”