Hulkenberg: Don’t praise me too soon


Nico Hulkenberg has declared himself "happy" with his start to the season but warned it is too early to be considered a success.

Hulkenberg has out-qualified team-mate Carlos Sainz in all three races so far this season and has proven to be a model of consistency with P7 starts in six consecutive races.

'The Hulk' also now has five consecutive points finishes carrying over from last season and believes the car has played more to his strengths since the new aerodynamic regulations were introduced in 2017.

"Yeah, I think so. I think I feel pretty confident and happy, and these cars now with more downforce since last year’s generation of cars, probably it favours me more." Hulkenberg said.

"At the moment I do feel with all the seasons I’ve done, the experience, probably I’m doing amongst the best driving that I’ve ever produced.

"So far I’m happy, but don’t praise the season too soon."

Hulkenberg, though, does continue to hold the record for most race starts without a podium finish, but said it is not weighing on his mind too much.

It’s how the sport is, so you can’t really get too frustrated about that," he added.

"Of course sometimes you run out of patience and you don’t like to see it, but there’s not so much you can do."