Hulkenberg in full praise of Singapore


Nico Hulkenberg is a huge fan of the Singapore Grand Prix as the Formula 1 paddock heads there this weekend.

The German heaped praise on the Marina Bay Street Circuit, calling the night race one of the best features on the Formula 1 calendar.

Despite being one of the most demanding tracks, Hulkenberg labeled the race in his top three Grands Prix of the year.

Interestingly, for all the admiration the Force India driver has shown towards the Grand Prix, he has never placed higher than ninth in Singapore.

“Singapore has really become one of the highlights of the season, next to Monaco and perhaps Baku,” he said.

“It’s a street circuit; it’s a night race and it’s in a city which is one of the hubs of the world. The track is spectacular and you drive next to an amazing backdrop – definitely one of the best races you could have on the calendar.

“The track is very challenging. It’s a very long lap, with many corners and that in itself is an added difficulty when you try to strike a balance for the set-up with the engineers: it’s never-ending!

“From a driving point of view, it makes it really hard to get all the sectors together and deliver the perfect lap. It’s also very hot and humid – you’re in the car for pretty much two hours in steaming hot conditions… it definitely tests you.

“There are some nice corners, such as the fast right-hand kink of Turn 6 and the approach to Turn 7. The first sector is my favourite part of the lap – there are bumps and big kerbs, so you need a car that can take them nicely, and you need good traction out of the low and medium-speed corners to get a quick lap.”