Hulkenberg: No all-new Renault for 2018


Nico Hulkenberg has downplayed claimed that Renault will run an all-new car in 2018, saying it will instead be a progression of this year’s RS17.

Earlier this week Nick Chester, the team’s tech boss, spoke of a “completely new car” for next year’s championship.

“It’s a completely new car despite a relatively low number of regulation changes,” he said.

“We’ve learnt a lot on the aerodynamic package and the balance of a car built to 2017 regulations, so the car should represent a strong step forward.

Hulkenberg, though, says as far as his is aware it is not a completely new car but an evolution of this year’s machine.

He explained to the official F1 website: “I don’t think that we are planning a completely new car.

“As the rules stay consistent it’s more of an evolution.

“So no new concept, but building on what we have, minus the issues that we’ve been facing this year. Hopefully!

“The aim is to reduce the gap to the top teams – significantly.”