Hulkenberg not bothered by missed podium chances


Despite being regarded as one of the finest drivers on the grid, Nico Hulkenberg has never stood on the podium in Formula 1, something he is not too bothered about.

The German has been close on numerous occasions but either a mistake or an unfortunate incident halted him from achieving a top three spot.

However, the Le Mans winner remains upbeat and is still chasing a podium spot as he prepares for his first season with Renault in 2017.

“There is always a reason for it, if you go to each incident or case,” he explained.

“Some could have been avoided, mistakes happen, or there’s misfortune, but it is what it is.

“It’s a shame, because I would have liked to score a podium for myself and for the team.

“[But] it’s not that I think about it [the podium misses] and cry like I’m always the unlucky one. It’s just life. Hopefully it returns the other way [as] a favour as well in the next few years.

“I believe in hard work and good decisions, and the rest will come or it doesn’t.”