Hulkenberg offers insight into 2017 car


Already getting a feel for the new 2017 car, Renault driver Nico Hulkenberg has revealed that the experience was ‘brutally fast’.

The new regulation changes implemented in Formula 1 means that cars will have wider tyres and redesigned aerodynamic system.

With the German going around the Circuit de Catalunya in the simulator testing the new car, Hulkenberg’s verdict was positive.

"The new car feels brutally fast," he told Auto, Motor und Sport.

"Turn 3 and Turn 9 are absolutely full throttle.

"Previously only Red Bull or Mercedes could have managed that.

"The DRS effect is much more pronounced than in the 2016 cars. In Monte Carlo however you will no longer be able to overtake. You just drive in the middle of the road with the wide cars and that’s it."