Hulkenberg: Strong 2017 down to new cars


Nico Hulkenberg believes his strong start to 2017 is down largely to the new cars as they “favour” his driving style.

Hulkenberg joined Renault at the start of this season’s campaign and has already bagged 26 points, 18 more than the team managed the entire 2016 season.

The German feels part of that is down to the new wider, faster cars.

“It is definitely more fun, and definitely faster,” he told

“I can only talk about myself, but they allow me to push harder, they are a bit more in favour of my driving style compared to recent years.

“You always had to drive within yourself as you couldn’t explore the limits, you couldn’t push as hard and these cars are in favour of that.

“You can go there easily and it works. So definitely more enjoyable.”

But while he acknowledges that this year’s cars are a bit harder to drive, he says it is not as difficult as some had predicted it would be.

“They seem a bit more edgy. I’ve seen many races this year races, like Baku [where Hulkenberg crashed], where there is very little room for error.

“So if it goes wrong, it goes very wrong. But I didn’t find too much difficulty, too much change.”