Hulkenberg’s advice to Renault: Simple is good


Swapping from Force India to Renault ahead of the 2017 F1 season, Nico Hulkenberg reckons his new team could learn some valuable lessons from his previous team.

Force India is a team known for punching above its weight and it was more of the same last season.

With a fraction of the budget of those around them, the Silverstone team finished fourth in the Constructors’ Championship whereas Renault, with their manufacturer backing, were ninth.

Hulkenberg believes one of the best lessons he learnt during his time at Force India, and one of the keys to their success, is quite simply, keep it simple.

“Simple is good, very often,” he told Racer.

“Some big teams have so many resources and they get lost sometimes in the complexity of the sport and of engineering.

“At Force India I think we were good at keeping it simple, focusing on the important stuff and that way we ran pretty well and successfully.”

The German, though, is not at all daunted by the task that awaits him at Renault who managed just eight points last season.

“I’m not at all nervous actually, no,” he said. “I’m excited.

“Yeah there’s a lot of work in front of us but I find that exciting. I know what they’re doing and what the shorter-term and longer-term plan is. It sounds encouraging to me.”