Hypersofts to debut at Monaco Grand Prix


The lap record in Monaco is set to be crushed as Pirelli confirmed the hypersoft tyres will be making their debut at the prestigious circuit.

The pink-striped tyre had already been confirmed for the following race – the Canadian Grand Prix – but its debut has now been brought forward to Monaco.

Kimi Raikkonen was on pole position last year with a 1:12.178s, but Pirelli predict that the hypersoft will be around 0.8 seconds quicker than the ultrasofts.

“Monaco is a lot about mechanical grip so a softer tyre will give a big advantage in terms of lap time,” Pirelli racing manager Mario Isola told F1.com.

“I have a good expectation that we will have a lap record.”

Mercedes and Haas were the only teams not to test the new quickest tyres in Barcelona, but Isola does not think they will be at a disadvantage.

“I don’t think it will be an issue for them," said Isola.

”Monaco is such a unique circuit that teams need to run the hypersoft in practice to assess the level of grip and degradation. It’s difficult to take numbers from other circuits and make a comparison."